I have been playing the pipes since 11 years old. I have mainly performed as a solo competition piper and recitalist but am also a member of the Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band which has been a great adventure over the last decade.

My most significant prizes have been:

A-grade march, strathspey and reel at The Northern Meeting piping competitions (2007)

The Dunvegan Medal at the Skye Highland Gathering for Piobaireachd and four Clasps to the Dunvegan Medal for Piobaireachd.

I have also won numerous other prizes over the years including 2nd and 5th in the Gold medals and so on.

I have a strong interest in bagpipe music and am a composer of fairly traditional tunes. These are available on this site here.

2 thoughts on “Piping

  1. Had a quick question concerning what drone reeds you are using in your MacPhersons. They sound great, but I’ve heard other pipers discussing the difficulties reeding their MacPherson drones.



    • Thanks Chris

      I use two eezedrone tenors and a cane bass. Over the years like most everybody ive tried lots of different combos but this set up works well for me.

      One thing i always do though, is match the tenors very closely and with as little air as possible so they are as stable as possible. I also always cut off the rubber
      Gromets on the bottom and replace with black hemp for a much tighter fit into the reed seat.

      And critically I have the tongue on the cane bass very very tightly bridled with usually about 5 or 6 hairs under the tongue to prevent it cutting out.

      That works well for me.

      All the best



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