Launch of Argyll and Bute Report: Traditional Music and the Creative Economy

After spending much of this year thinking, interviewing and writing about the creative economy for traditional music in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, I am delighted to announce that Dr Jasmine Hornabrook and I have launched our final report. Please do go and read it, there are numerous recommendations based on our fieldwork and survey of the literature elsewhere in the world which would assist more sustainable income and cultural tourism based on music in Argyll and Bute.

We have now published the final version online available here:

I am participating in two separate events to help publicize the report:

A roundtable arts event on 19th September with CHArts in Dunoon:

And our official report launch on 2nd October in Craignish village hall in Ardfern,

Do come along to discuss anything relating to the issues in the report and I would love to hear feedback from anyone about the report.


Dr Jasmine Hornabrook’s research on this project was funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council, National Productivity Investement Fund, Northern Bridge Award at Newcastle University. For more information on these, please see:



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