New Book out now!

Finally after a long process, my new book with Gary West is out!


The book came initially out of the 2014 conference we ran here at Newcastle University–Understanding Scotland Musically, supported by the AHRC.

The final book has 19 chapters with some great contributions:

1 Understanding Scotland Musically Simon McKerrell & Gary West  
  Policy & Practice  
2 Traditional music and cultural sustainability in Scotland Simon McKerrell  
3 ‘A sense of who we are’: The cultural value of community-based traditional music in Scotland Josephine L Miller  
4 The emergence of the ‘traditional arts’ in Scottish cultural policy David Francis  
5 ‘Eun Bheag Chanaidh’ Where the Gaelic arts and non-traditional theatre meet: a Song Discussion Fiona J. Mackenzie  
6 Referendum Reflections: Traditional music and the performance of politics in the campaign for Scottish independence Mairi McFadyen  
  Porosity, Genres, Hybridity  
7 The changing nature of conceptualisation and authenticity among Scottish traditional musicians: traditional music, conservatoire education and the case for post-revivalism Joshua Dickson  
8 Slaying the Tartan Monster: Hybridisation in recent Scottish music Meghan McAvoy  
9 ‘It Happens in Ballads’: Scotland, utopia and traditional song in The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart Stephe Harrop  
10 The problem with ‘traditional’ David McGuinness  
11 Salsa Celtica’s great Scottish Latin adventure – an insider’s view Phil Alexander  
  Home and Host  
12 Distant voices, Scottish lives: On song and migration M. J. Grant  
13 The Globalization of Highland Dancing Patricia H. Ballantyne  
  The past in the present  
14 Locating identity in the aural aspects of Thomas Percy’s Reliques of Ancient English Poetry: A bibliographic perspective Danni Glover  
15 Routes, roles and folk on the edge: Scotland’s instrumental music through the revival lens Stuart Eydmann  
16 Links with the past in the present-day performance of Scottish fiddle music; or, the historicity of tradition Ronnie Gibson  
17 Wynds, vennels and dual carriageways: the changing nature of Scottish music Karen E. McAulay  
18 Understanding Scotland musically: Reflections on place, war and nation Gary West  
19 Afterword Simon Frith


The first couple of chapters are available to read for free for a limited time on the Routledge link above. Many thanks to Gary, and to all the authors who have contributed, I think it’s a really strong contribution to Scottish traditional music and quite a forward looking set of essays. I’d love to hear back from any readers!


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